PERRY, Iowa — News on Wednesday that Perry High School would be cancelling the last three games of the football season due to being unable to safely field a varsity team left many in the community upset.

The team had suffered from injuries, and not enough players, so the school decided to forfeit the rest of the games. At the Iowa High School Athletic Association in Boone, they’ve had conversations about ending a season early, as both Shenandoah and now Perry have ended their seasons due to lack of players.

“Schools are still having conversations with our office about what route they may go, we don’t want to influence a decision they may make based on safety or local concerns.” from the Iowa High School Athletic Association.

For fans of the Blue Jays the news was disappointing.

“I thought it was ridiculous because you have many junior varsity players who are just as good as varsity and if safety was a problem then put in your biggest people to cover,” said Samantha Williams a Blue Jay fan. “I know coaches do everything they possibly can to get their team ready, homecoming this year that was our first game we won in like 15 years so it’s been forever, our coaches this year are amazing.”

“It’s unfortunate we don’t have a season for football,” said Christian Rodriguez, a Perry Blue Jay fan. “I believe next year will have a better season.”

Some people around town say Perry’s changing demographic with new residents, more of the kids want to play soccer.

“On Snapchat actually I have a couple friends who post how they’re gonna play soccer every night at 7 p.m., over at the rec center,” said Williams. “I’m hopeful next year we will have a good team.”

“No hard feelings if they want to play soccer, football or tennis, in any sport, any sport is good for youth in a community,” said Rodriguez.