Fans Boo Auburn

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I’m really hoping today is better than yesterday. I got into work and Hillary Clinton was causing us problems. O.K., not really. But our problems started outside her former campaign office across the street from our building in downtown Des Moines. A power line fell and knocked out our telephone service. I don’t understand the technology of it all. But I know we lost phone, email, fax and internet. Not good timing on the day Iowa State’s head football coach Gene Chizik bailed on his own words to commit to the Cyclones and instead headed to Auburn. Not a good day for that. It wasn’t an easy day.

Auburn’s hardly full of praise for this move. I used to work near Auburn before I moved to Des Moines. Football is everything there. EVERYTHING. I realize the Iowa-Iowa State rivalry is big here. But Auburn-Alabama is waaaaay bigger. College football season doesn’t just last through the fall. It’s a year-round sport there. It’s a big day for a guy to ask a girl to go to an Auburn football game. They get dressed up. It’s like a formal. I think that’s why fans are so stunned their beloved team has hired Chizik. Chizik had success there earlier this decade as the team’s defensive coordinator. But even Iowa State’s most devoted followers have a tough time arguing he’s had much success here. So it’s hard for those Tigers’ fans to understand how they could hire this guy. Check out the reaction with Auburn’s athletic director lands back in Alabama after working on the deal with Chizik. It ain’t pretty.

And how much free time does the person who did this have?!


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