FAMILY STUDIES: Family Graduates Together

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It was a proud night at Wells Fargo Arena Wednesday for hundreds of students and their families, as Des Moines area community college celebrated graduation.

One family was especially proud, with four grads walking the stage-mom, dad, and kids.

“At moments, it’s been embarrassing. Our dad really likes to embarrass us. But it’s been pretty fun and exciting, learning how to manage classes with your parents and see how people react to it,” said 18-year-old Amanda Crise.

The Crise family spent the past two years in school together, taking many of the same classes. Each person graduated with associate degrees in art with a focus on sociology.

Amanda and josh say once they got used to it, they actually liked going to school with their parents.

Christina and Jeff say it was fun for them to have class with their kids, but first they had some things to get used to themselves.

“We heard so many times I can’t go back to school because I’m too old. You’re not too old,” said Jeff Crise, “Probably one of the hardest things at first was being the same age as some of our instructors, maybe a hair older.”

Around 850 graduates walked the stage Wednesday night. They came from four DMACC campuses-West, Newton, Urban and Ankeny.

All four members of the Crise family say they plan to continue their education in some capacity. Jeff, Christina and Josh all plan to continue pursuing sociology. Amanda wants to study biology.


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