Family Says Colo Murder-Suicide Driven by Depression, Urges 'Open Dialogue' on Mental Health


COLO, Iowa — The family of an elderly couple found dead in their home this week as a result of a murder-suicide has released a statement, saying they believe depression over health problems and finances led to the deaths of 79-year-old Richard Davis and 78-year-old Charlotte Davis.

The Davis’ were discovered deceased in their Colo home Wednesday morning by a family member. Capt. Nicholas Lennie with the Story County Sheriff’s Office confirms its investigation indicates Richard Davis shot his wife before killing himself.

As part of the statement, the family said, “While technically, our father committed an act of domestic violence, we believe this is not the household we knew. We believe this is more about depression and the desparation[sic] that comes with the stress of declining health and financial struggle.”

The statement also said Richard had been dealing with heart problems over the last year and, “Despite repeated attempts from medical professionals, he rejected some of the offered treatments due to concerns of hopitalization[sic] and cost.”

The family says though offers of financial help had been made, the Davis’ were “set in their ways.”

“At the end, we believe this was a shared decision to relieve their perceived burden upon their family. Either way, it leaves us heartbroken that the cornerstones of our family are gone, ” the statement goes on to say.

The family is urging people to reach out to loved ones and open up a dialogue about mental health.


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