FAMILY RALLY: Group Says Pull State Abortion Funding

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Iowa families say what’s important in their house should be reflected at the statehouse.

“We want to honor every gift of life from conception to natural death with no exceptions,” says Bob Vander Plaats with the Family Leader.

The group held the Life, Marriage and Family rally today.   Close to 200 supporters of the Family Leader are asking lawmakers not to give state funding to abortion providers.

“You do not work for them.  They are your public servants,  you are the boss,” says Family Policy Advocate and lobbyist Danny Carroll.

“We're here to let them know we're serious about our issues and we do vote,” says John Wacker of Garner.

Wacker made the two-hour drive to Des Moines to have his say in how his tax dollars are spent.

“We don't want our tax dollars to go to abortion.  Absolutely not,” he says.

“They are for women who are victims of a crime  rape and incest or to save their own life so those are the circumstances where some of our dollars go to help those particular situations,” says Ames Rep. Lisa Heddens.

The Democrat is the ranking member of the House Health and Human Services Committee.  Heddens says there’s no specific funding for abortions anywhere in the budget and it’s part of the group’s “extreme agenda”.    The appropriations bill in question funds health care and services for veterans, the disabled and the aging.

“Do we care about the mother or not and what do we do when they're victims of a crime,” says Heddens.

There is no timeline for when the house will take up the issue.


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