Family Pet Killed With Archer’s Arrow

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MARION COUNTY, Iowa–Any time you lose a family pet it’s hard but it’s how a Marion County cat died that has its owners upset.

Friday morning started out like any other for Marjorie Rowland of Melcher-Dallas.

She came outside to feed her cats on her family farm and noticed one of her cats wasn’t waiting for her.

“When I come to feed them this morning, she was missing and I try to see who`s here and i look down there and there she laid with an arrow out the side of her,” says Rowland.

Marjorie’s nine-year old cat, Brownie, was dead from an apparent target arrow.

She said Brownie must have been shot off the property and was able to walk back home before dying.

“I`m just glad she came so I did know what happened to her. It’s rough,” says Rowland.

Living on a farm, accidents can happen. However, Marjorie says this was abuse plain and simple.

“I can understand why they get hit on the road there once in a while it happens but something like this that`s deliberate,” says Rowland.

Marjorie and her daughter Carole called to report the incident. They’re hoping the person responsible is punished for taking the family pet away.

“She was a home cat she liked to come out to the garage to meet me whenever I would come home and she liked to have her belly rubbed,” says Rowland.

Her daughter agreed, “She was a very friendly kitty. Mom and I loved her very much,” says Carole Rowland.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office took a report on the incident Friday morning.

The case remains under investigation.


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