DES MOINES, IOWA — A Des Moines family’s south side market was destroyed by fire early Tuesday morning, leaving the owners searching for a cause and cleaning up the mess. The Asian Mart at 1050 E. Army Post Road had only been open for a few months, the owners tell WHO 13. They own a liquor store in Pleasant Hill.

Muhan Subba was working in the family store last night, when he closed down for the night.

 “I was working till 10 PM last night and I left for home after closing up, nothing was a problem,” said Subba. “I was in the bed and I got a call at 4:30, and rushed down here when it happened.”

Subba said he still needed to meet with his insurance company. So far there is no known cause of the fire. He said they have owned the store for a few months, after purchasing from the prior owner. The contents of the interior of the store were entirely blackened on Tuesday morning.

“Got a lot of work to do. This is first day since the incident happened, seeing my insurance, and Mid American Energy,” said Subba. “Sorry to my good customers. I’m not sure what comes next.”

Subba moved to Des Moines from the Asian country of Bhutan when he was 21 years old. He said family already living here encouraged him to make the move. He is hoping to reopen the business here or nearby, if things work out. Either way he plans to stay in Des Moines.

“I love it here, that’s why I am here,” said Subba. “It’s affordable, cheap, good community, good people, in Des Moines Iowa.”