Family of Accused Osceola Killer Believes ‘Self Defense’ Claim

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CLARKE COUNTY, Iowa — The man accused of a double-murder in Osceola last weekend told police it was self defense, and the man’s family believes him.

Richard Ryan Lamb-Carson, 38, is charged with the murders of 27-year-old Noe Flores Rascon and 22-year-old Erick Reyna. According to court documents, the killings happened at a home just doors from where Lamb-Carson lives. The bodies were found Sunday in a car at a vacant home just north of Osceola. Court documents show Lamb-Carson told authorities he killed the men in self defense.  His family believes it.

“If somebody’s gonna try to hurt him he’s gonna fight back,” says Lamb-Carson’s mother Marjorie Lamb, “He’s been in a lot of fights and stuff. He’s never did anything like this.  And it’s just not his character.”

Lamb-Carson is charged with two counts of murder. Three of his friends are charged with accessory after the fact. Authorities say the three helped Lamb-Carson after the killings.


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