OLDSMAR, Florida — When Sarah Gaines and her daughter Harmonee moved to the Florida Gulf Coast seven years ago, they knew it would be a different experience than their previous life in Des Moines. The family has now lived through a scary event they would never experience in Iowa.

Hurricane Ian made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane just north of Fort Myers on Wednesday. The most severe weather was concentrated around Fort Myers and Cape Coral, far from the Gaines’ home in Oldsmar, a suburb fifteen miles northwest of Tampa. However, the Gaines still experienced some torrential rain in their part of the state.

“There were gusts of wind, then into the night, it started to rain more,” said Sara Gaines. “It was supposed to rain and get really windy. We’re thankful we have lights and power and that we were able to make dinner tonight.”

The Gaines family said the significance of the storm was magnified by all of the preparations they did before Ian made landfall.

“I think it takes a lot more preparation than a tornado because they’re closing a lot of things early,” Sara Gaines said. “You have to go fill up sandbags, get water, and get the necessities you may need.”