Family, Friends, Neighbors Host Birthday Parade for Marshalltown Man Battling Cancer

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Coronavirus made it impossible to grant 24-year-old Tyler Wilson’s wish of a big birthday party. Instead, family, friends and neighbors surprised him with a parade.

Two years ago on his 23rd birthday, Wilson was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, an aggressive cancer that affects the bones and the tissue surrounding it.

“He’s an amazing young man that’s really shown us more strength than sometimes we can show him,” said his mother Su Pals.

With the spread of coronavirus, it became impossible to be able to host his birthday party, but thanks to a quick turnaround from neighbors, family and friends a parade took over his street just outside his window.

“It means a lot. Seriously, it just makes me so happy that people actually care,” said Wilson. “Thank you so much, I appreciate it in every way, shape, and form.”

Cars decked out with homemade signs drove by honking and waving at Wilson’s window. Many dropped off candy and baked goods to satisfy Wilson’s sweet tooth along with many birthday cards.

“I love cards, I think it’s a nice way of interacting with people,” said Wilson.

Pals has made him comfortable at home so that he can receive visits from friends and family. It’s something that would be restricted if Wilson was in the hospital. Pals says in these moments, the most important thing is for Wilson to be surrounded by those who love him.

“He went after this with the attitude that he was going to win this. He was bound and determined, right up until they told us we’re not winning this, he never once gave up,” said Pals.

Pals says her wish for the future is that a cure for Ewing’s sarcoma will be found, but that today she is grateful for the support from the community to show Wilson that he is not alone.

“Community support and people and God and family and friends and people today that we don’t know that are going to make this a very special day for him, so that he knows that he’s not alone and that’s what we’ve always told him. You are not fighting this alone we are all together,” said Pals.

To donate to Wilson’s family click here.


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