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A metro family is divided over where convicted teenage murderer Kristina Fetters should spend her last days.  Her mother wants her to die a free woman.

“To give her her last few moments of joy and peace.  I think could be the best thing that she could receive,” says mom, Denise Fetters.

Other family members believe she should stay behind bars.

“I just don’t feel bad for Krissy for where she’s at.  She put herself there,” says Shanna Sickles, Fetters’ cousin.

Sickles say growing up, all the cousins were close to their “spitfire” of an Aunt, 73-year-old Arlene Klehm.

“Arlene was just a tiny framed, little woman that would tell you exactly where to go and how you could get there,” says Sickles.

Her murder devastated the family.  As did having one of their own be the killer.  Now, going on 18 years into her life sentence, Fetters is dying of cancer.

Last week, a Polk County Judge said Fetters has “rehabilitated and redeemed herself” and recommended that she be immediately released from custody citing her “poor health and prognosis”.  Her case now goes before the Iowa Parole Board.

“I just sit in here and cry out loud and I pray to Jesus you know that she will have some kind of peace in this,” says Fetters.

While her mother prays that her daughter can spend her last days away from prison, Fetters’ cousin says she is the only one.

“She didn’t give my Aunt Arlene the opportunity to die with her loved ones,” says Sickles,  “Bottom line, if you get life in prison without the possibility of parole, it’s life.”

The next parole hearing is scheduled for December 5th.  Fetters’ mother is asking the board to call an emergency meeting because of her daughter’s declining health.