Family Cancer Network Holds Virtual Backyard Bash to Raise Funds and Awareness


DES MOINES, Iowa – With events canceled because of COVID-19, one organization decided to have a virtual backyard bash with the help of a national recording artist.

Singer/Songwriter Emily West said, “I am pumped to help, and in the middle of this social distancing thing, I think music has another form of touching. You can’t really touch, but you can touch, and so I’m happy to help in any way.”

The Iowa native was the 2014 runner-up on America’s Got Talent. She promises a “variety show with bubbles and ballads” for the Family Cancer Network.

The Family Cancer Network, which is formerly known as Blood Sweat and Beers, provides grants for families battling cancer to pay for things like the mortgage and even tutoring. COVID-19 has put an even bigger stress on families battling cancer.

Family Cancer Network Co-Founder Tim Mauro said. “Cancer didn’t really get the memo that everything else is canceled, but cancer is not canceled, so people will be able to make a free will donation if they can, but it’s about awareness bringing a little bit of life into everybody’s life.”

The concert starts at 7 p.m. on Friday. You can find in on West’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.You can make a free will donation at


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