An elderly woman is in the hospital after Des Moines Police say her grandson viciously took aim at her.

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Des Moines Police say a local grandmother was brutally beaten in her east side home by her own grandson. A man is in jail after police say he became enraged and hit his grandmother several times.

  It happened in 81 year-old Lavonne Creek’s home at 2904 East 39th Court in Des Moines. Police say when they arrived, they found 31 year-old Philip Scott McKeever covered in blood and ready to fight. They say McKeever was upset, enraged and ready to take them on. Police had to spray him with pepper spray three times before they were able to arrest him.

  McKeever is in the Polk County Jail, charged with three counts of first degree burglary, assault on a police officer and interference with official acts. Police say early Thursday morning, McKeever drove his semi-truck over to his grandmother’s house, walked in, and beat her until she was unconscious. Police say when McKeever’s father tried to stop him, McKeever started punching him, striking him more than 30 times. At one point, McKeever allegedly tried to kidnap his grandmother, telling family members they were the “anti-Christ.” Police say family members were eventually able to lock McKeever out of the house. That’s where he was waiting when police arrived.

  “He`s 6’2’’ and weighs 270 pounds. She`s 81 and not to say an 81 year-old can`t be tough, but she`s probably much more frail than he is. To have that type of assault from your grandson, someone you wouldn`t expect it from was a horrific scene for everyone in the house,” says Sgt. Chris Scott of the Des Moines Police Department.

  Lavonne Creek is at Mercy Hospital in serious condition. Police say they have no idea why McKeever was so angry, but they do suspect his erratic behavior was the result of drug use. Officials say it took police officers three attempts to subdue the wildly agitated McKeever with pepper spray, a state which police say is usually caused by drugs like meth.


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