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DES MOINES, Iowa –September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and we’re sharing stories of those young patients fighting the disease. One young girl’s life quickly changed after complaining of back pain at age three.

Alice Geber became a pro with medical procedures in 2015. She was diagnosed with cancer just a month after turning three. “On March 5th, she was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma. It’s considered stage 4,” said her mom Kristin Geber.

She had chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy and even a clinical trial to prevent relapse. Now, she’s 6 ½ and in first grade, cancer free and out of treatment. “She’s very high energy and a lot of fun,” said her mom.

1 in 285 kids will be affected by childhood cancer. Statistically speaking it’s rare, but it is the number one cause of death by disease for kids. And, when your child is diagnosed, it’s everything.  “We always have the hashtag #morethan4, and that’s because the National Cancer Institute only spends 4 percent of their total annual budget on all pediatric cancer research. And, there’s hundreds of types of pediatric cancer,” said Kristin.

That’s why families like the Gebers continue to raise money in hopes of finding new treatments and a cure. “It’s not fair. It’s not fair any kid has cancer,” said Kristin.

You can help raise awareness and advocate for pediatric cancer at the CureSearch Walk. It is Sunday, September 16th at 2 p.m. at the Crestbruck Park in Ankeny.