FAIRFIELD, Iowa — The Fairfield Community School District placed all of its buildings under lockdown on the last day of school after a man with a gun was possibly seen on one of its campuses.

The Fairfield Police Department posted that an “armed man” was possibly spotted at Pence Elementary School around 12:45 p.m. Friday. Police report the arrived at Pence within three minutes, but did not find any suspects matching the description given on an emergency call.

The Fairfield Police Department’s statement on the incident at Pence Elementary School.

The police department is continuing to investigate the incident.

The situation unfolded in real-time on Pence Elementary’s Facebook page, which chronicled the lockdown.

on Friday, according to a social media post, after a “dangerous situation” was reported near Pence Elementary School.

Their first Facebook post was published at 1:31 p.m:

ATTENTION….All FCSD buildings are currently under a Level 2 lock down. Law enforcement has been called to investigate the report of dangerous activity around the Pence Elementary playground. Student release will be delayed until Law Enforcement says it is safe to release. Please watch your phones and emails for more updates.

Fairfield High School Facebook page, 1:31 p.m.

That message was followed 13 minutes later by another saying that all school buildings were secure and students would be released from school:

Law Enforcement has secured the areas around each of the FCSD attendance centers. Students who are being picked up in personal vehicles will be released approximately 1:45 PM. If you are picking up your student, please follow normal routes and procedures for your buildings for car pick up. Buses will be released shortly after that and another message will be sent out at that time.

Fairfield High School Facebook page, 1:44 p.m.