Viral Facebook Post About Veteran And Service Dog May Not Be Completely True

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LISBON, Iowa -- A Facebook post about a Lisbon veteran who was attacked because he brought his service dog into a local bar has gone viral.

But police say it just proves you can't believe everything you see on social media.

Lisbon resident Kellee Warren posted on Facebook that she and her boyfriend, Chazz Russell, who she describes as a veteran with PTSD, went to Whitey's Bar and Grill "...for supper, with Chazz's service dog, Elvis" on July 3.

She writes, after about five minutes, the owner of the bar, Daron 'Whitey' Rubner, "Grabbed a bottle and smashed it onto the bar."

He was also ranting "About no dogs being in his establishment and how Chazz must be lying about being disabled."

Warren then writes, "I looked up to see Whitey reach out and grab Chazz's throat."

The two fought, according to Warren, and she and Russell eventually left and called police. When Chief Rick Scott arrived, she says "He admitted he knew nothing of service dog rights," and then asked the couple to leave.

"No. That's not true," said Libson Police Chief Rick Scott. "At no time did the Lisbon Police Department or any officer advise them that they had to leave the establishment with the service dog. The law states that a service animal can enter an establishment at any time."

Chief Scott says he should know. Even though Warren claims Chief Scott said he knows nothing about service dog rights, Scott says he is a veteran and has a service dog of his own.

As for the couple just stopping by Whitey's for dinner, according to the police report, the incident happened at around 11:40 p.m. and Scott says all parties seemed to be drunk.

"I believe there might have been an assault that took place so we`re gonna file charges," Scott said. "Probably file charges at the end of the week on this. I think alcohol played a role played a big part in this, yes." When asked which party had been drinking, Scott said, "Probably both."

John Vanous of Lisbon says he was there and saw the whole thing. Vanous says Russell was being belligerent.

"Whoever he is, he gave Whitey a lot of trouble," Vanous recalls. "And Whitey just come unwound. Just said get out. He didn`t get out and the fight was on."

Chief Scott says, as a result of the Facebook posting going viral, he's getting death threats from people who don't believe he did enough. "I just fear for my family and stuff like that," Scott said. "We`ve had threats of getting our throats sliced, a lot of people from different parts of the United States been emailing me, texting me, stuff like that."

We did talk with one of the owners of Whiteys. She told Channel 13 News that she didn`t want to go on camera because he attorney advised her not to. But off camera she said she`s also received several death threats. She added that this is proof you can`t believe everything you read on social media.

The chief says he expects to get a hold of surveillance video of the incident Tuesday.

Meanwhile, he says he just wishes people would wait for all the facts before taking to social media. "Instead of just running to social media and start posting stuff, getting everybody excited, then that`s how things get out of hand." he said.

Warren and Russell have not responded to Channel 13's requests for a comment.


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