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AMES, Iowa  —  On Friday, the Iowa State Center announced the upcoming Bob Dylan concert will have extra security measures in place.

Those going to hear Dylan perform on Tuesday evening will be subject to a wand search, and bags will be searched. People who refuse the search will not be allowed to enter, according to a news release.

Some items will not be allowed in, including “firearms, knives, studded bracelets, hard containers, laser pointers, professional cameras, hair spray, pepper spray, or any spray, as well as outside food and beverage.”

Ticket holders are asked to enter specific doors according to where their seats are located:

Main Floor Rows 1–19 Right Side, enter southwest door

Main Floor Rows 1-19 Left Side, enter southeast door

Main Floor Rows 20-32, Loge and Balcony Seating, enter north main patio doors

Doors will open at 6 p.m. if the band’s sound check is completed. On Friday afternoon, only a handful of available tickets remained for the show.