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Experts Advise People Importance of Mental Health During COVID-19 Pandemic


DES MOINES, Iowa – Governor Reynolds expressed importance of mental health during coronavirus pandemic in daily press conference.

According to the American Psychiatric Association more than one third of Americans say the coronavirus is having a major impact to their mental health.

Unity Point Vice President of Behavioral Health Kevin Carroll said it is normal to be having these feelings.

“Likely what you’re experiencing is very normal at this point. If you’re having trouble sleeping at times, worried about your health, have a change in your habits and routine and exercise and diet realistically that is very normal for people at this point,” Carroll said.

Carroll said people can help reduce anxiety and stress by limiting how much screen time and media consumption.

“Things that everyone can do that is beneficial is take a deep breath and find someone whether its on the phone or through video conferencing technology to talk to about your stresses in your day-to-day interaction,” Carroll said.

People also should maintain a healthy diet and exercise daily.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed people can speak with a therapist, call a hotline or look into a counselor.

New Leaf Mental Health Therapy Mental Clinic Social Worker Laura Lnydam said now is not the time to not take care of yourself.

“it is important to maintain what you are doing to take care of yourself now even though it may be it doesn’t seem that important, because down the road the longer you don’t take care of yourself it does eventually catch up to you,” Lnydam said.

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