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For those wishing for a behemoth clash of the titans for Iowa governor in 2014 between 5-time Republican Governor Terry Branstad and former 2-time Democratic Governor Tom Vilsack, you won’t get your wish. The U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s Communications Director Matt Paul confirmed Wednesday that Vilsack will not run for governor again. Paul said Vilsack confirmed it but, in the end, decided he wants to continue to serve in his present job.

Last Sunday, one of Vilsack’s former advisers, Des Moines attorney Jerry Crawford, predicted Vilsack would make the announcement soon that he wouldn’t seek the governor’s office again. The prediction was part of Crawford’s analysis about which Iowans would and which ones wouldn’t run for another job in 2014. Vilsack, Olson, Hatch, McGuire, Fitzgerald…he covers them all.