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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Last week a jury gave Jason Carter back the rest of his life when they found him not guilty of killing his mother on June 19th, 2015.  However his life will never be the same after losing his mother, then being accused of her murder. On Wednesday, Jason Carter and his wife Shelly sat down with our Sonya Heitshusen for the first time since Jason’s acquittal.
Jason Carter says he’ll never forget the moment he learned his father accused him of killing his mother.  Since that day his relationship with his family has been shattered.  But Jason says he and his father have spoken since a civil trial found him liable for killing Shirley. “I can’t imagine going to prison for the rest of your life, that just wasn’t a possibility. I was not going to prison for something I did not do,” said Jason.
When asked whether she ever doubted her husband’s innocence, Shelly replied, “No. Never. I knew different, I mean I knew better, I know how much he loved his mom. Why would you get rid of the person that you depend on the most, that you love? It didn’t even make sense, and when law enforcement started lying to me and started saying things about myself like ‘if you don’t get on the bus I’m gonna make sure you’re under the bus’ by Mark Ludwick…then you start to think to yourself… what’s going on here? Why are they saying these things? And I honestly believe had they not handled it the way that they did, we would not be in this situation today.”