Eviction moratorium set to expire at end of June, what that means for landlords


DES MOINES, Iowa – On July 1st, the eviction moratorium deadline approaches for landlords in Polk County.

“They’re very, very nervous, though, if you could imagine, I mean, I have no clue whether it [the eviction moratorium] will be extended again,” said Andrew Lietzow, the Executive Director Iowa Landlord Association.

Leitz says he is worried about landlords losing tenants.

“I don’t know [if] we can keep kicking this can down the road. I mean, there will be some evictions, it’s a logical consequence of this event, but I hope we can work together quickly and get funding for people if they have the ability to make payments,” said Lietzow.

Dave Clayson owns several properties in the Sherman Hill neighborhood. He has helped several tenants who fell on hard times.

“We’re supposed to help each other; that’s the whole idea. You help your family. You help your friends. You help your tenants if you can,” said Clayson.

However, help will soon be on the way for renters who cannot afford their payments in Polk County. The federal government may soon release funds from the American Recovery Plan to the organization Impact, which serves as the middle man between the government and renters. Still, there could be a pause in the assistance.

“If people hear that Impact is out of money. Do not panic. They are, they are switching from one to another, and they will get it back online again hopefully within a week or so,” said Eric Burmeister, the executive director for the Polk County Housing Trust Fund

Burmeister said if landlords want to apply for aid on behalf of their tenants, they should visit www.impact.org.

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