Ethanol industry conference in Des Moines


DES MOINES, Iowa — The Fuel Ethanol Workshop has come to Iowa, the heart of ethanol production.

“One of the reasons were here in Des Moines why we wanted to bring the show to Des Moines to here, specifically is because it’s proximity to all the ethanol production facilities in the area,” said John Nelson the show organizer. “We said if you take a map look at where are the largest density of ethanol production, Des Moines is a natural fit.”

The show has two thousand attendees, and five hundred ethanol producers. The show has been hoping to come to Des Moines for several years, but things worked out to come this year.

The ethanol industry has recently taken a hit in the courtswith two decisions going against the industry regarding waivers, and E-85 year round production.

“The refinery exemptions and actually what they had a DC circuit court ruled against being able to sell E-15 in the summer this past week, now we were going to be able to get our retailers offering E-15 for the rest of the summer but remains in question for next summer,” said Kelly Manning, of Growth Energy, and industry trade group. “A lot of them here in our own backyard to Kwik Star, to Casey’s to Kum and Go, they’re offering these higher ones and they’re creating more jobs and creating more as far to the real economy.”

Despite losses in the court Manning says the industry will press on.

“We are not throwing in the towel when the administration was out campaigning across the states, they pledged to do a better job for our industry and we’re going to hold them to task,” said Manning. “There’s something coming out soon the renewable volume obligation, which will be set for the next two years how much biofuel should be blended into the system, and we hope to them to understand that this is important.”

The conference will continue Wednesday and Thursday at the Iowa Events Center. A number of seminars on industry practice will be held. 

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