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IOWA — More than a third of respondents in a recent poll of likely Iowa voters say Senator Ernst’s recent comments casting doubt on the accuracy of COVID-19 statistics is affecting how they view her during her re-election race.

Last month Senator Ernst said she was “so skeptical” that medical professionals were keeping accurate records of COVID-19 deaths an infections, insinuating that numbers could be inflated to increase profits for hospitals.

The Nexstar Iowa 2020 RABA Research Poll surveyed 780 Iowans and asked them about those comments. 36% of those who responded said it does affect how they view her candidacy. The other 64% say it does not.

Around 20% of Republicans surveyed say they feel the comments affect their view of her.

The Nexstar Iowa 2020 RABA Research poll was conducted from September 23-26, 2020 via landline and cell phone surveys. 780 Iowans were polled. The margin of error for the results is +/-4%.

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