DES MOINES, Iowa — Democrat Deidre DeJear has chosen a running mate as she seeks to unseat Governor Kim Reynolds this fall. On Friday DeJear introduced Eric Van Lancker as the next potential Lieutenant Governor of Iowa. Van Lancker is currently serving as Clinton County Auditor, a position he’s been elected to four times.

He was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State this year, a race ultimately won by Joel Miller of Linn County. On Friday he talked about his campaign message when running for the state office, and how it matched Deidre DeJear in her campaign for governor.

“The way Deidre talks about what she wants to do for Iowans is really the same thing,” said Eric Van Lancker. “When she talks about Iowans she is talking about going beyond partisan political battles and shallow special interests for the common ground for all Iowans and that is what I am very interested in.”

Van Lancker also commented on the Iowa Supreme Court decision to reverse a 2018 decision that guaranteed the right to an abortion under the Iowa Constitution.

“Obviously a big issue here in the state of Iowa, but it is also an issue again like we talked about, common ground with Iowans,” said Van Lancker. “We also know that this is an issue where a majority of Iowans support pro-choice and so we are going to listen to Iowans and how they feel about this, and we are going to represent them in that way.”

DeJear and Van Lancker will both be at the Iowa Democratic Convention on Saturday and then hold a public rally at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines on Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m.

DeJear offered these statements on Van Lancker while introducing him on Friday:

I am thrilled to have Eric Van Lancker join me on this journey to build a stronger Iowa,” said Deidre DeJear. “I know that he will make an effective Lieutenant Governor and I trust his deep commitment to always doing what is right for Iowans. Eric is a four term County Auditor who is not only a true defender of democracy but also he understands the growing challenges facing small communities across the state. As lifelong Iowans, Eric and his wife Tanya, an Iowa teacher, have raised a family in our state, while committing their lives to public service. I couldn’t be more proud to have him on our team and I’m looking forward to serving with him to improve the lives of all Iowans.

I am honored to have the opportunity to join Deidre DeJear in this historic race and fight alongside her to move Iowa forward,” said Eric Van Lancker. “From defending voting rights and improving education, to prioritizing housing, increasing broadband, and protecting healthcare, Iowans are ready for a team who will deliver and put their needs first. I am ready to take my experience to the Capitol and be a strategic partner to help implement Deidre’s forward-looking vision for our great state.

Deidre DeJear
(D) Candidate for Governor