Eldon deals with 7 to 12 inches of rain Thursday night


ELDON, Iowa — Seven inches of rain was reported falling in the town of Eldon on Thursday night. That caused a number of roads to close, including highway 16 through town. Some people in town got 10-12 inches of rain.

“We had issues with Highway 16 for about 8 PM to 2 AM, said Tim Richmond, the Wapello County Emergency Manager.  “The first concern is do we have anybody getting swept away, that we had to rescue we didn’t have anybody, that second concern for motorists, you want to keep them out of the floodwaters, so we don’t have a potentially bad situation.

Craig Sherer of Eldon almost lost his camper into the Des Moines River, after floodwaters washed out some soil his camper was parked on. A man he did not know came to help him pull the camper off the edge, and keeping it from falling in the river.

“Crazy I never seen this I’ve lived here my whole life I’ve never seen rain like that,” said Sherer.

“Something we’ve not seen like this before, Eldon is not a stranger to flooding river flooding but this is a totally different scenario with a flash flood,” said Richmond. “We’ve not seen this much rain this fast at least in recent history that anybody can remember.”

“We’ve never had a situation like we had last night,” said Linda Manly, the Eldon Fire Chief. “It was pretty crazy, a flash flood, I mean we’ve had the river come out and get a little bit of warning for that last night there was no warning.”

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