Elaborate Christmas Cards Are One Johnston Family’s Holiday Tradition

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JOHNSTON, Iowa – One metro family goes above and beyond each year perfecting their Christmas card.

According to Amy Blair, the idea to create a themed Christmas card started back in 2001 when the “Blair Witch Project” came out.

“Mike said ‘I’m going to take this Santa hat and Rosie downstairs in the basement. Don’t send out Christmas cards this year, just give me a day.’ And then, a day later he brought me the first ‘Blair holiday card’ as they have become known as,” Amy Blair said.

Amy and Michael Blair will sit down in August to begin planning their family Christmas card.

“We usually have an ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and a ‘D’ and most people get our card that usually goes out is usually a ‘B’ or a ‘C,’” Amy Blair said.

From there, Michael Blair, a graphic designer, will begin developing the card.

“Everything is sketched out on paper first and then just take that concept and run with it photography wise and design wise,” Michael Blair said.

This year, the family decided to go with superheroes because of Disney+ being released.

“Everybody has a special super power, a nemesis, everybody is listing their favorite things on the back of the card. It’s going to be like a little trading card in the 60s and 70s,” Michael Blair said.

In total, six individual cards are being sent out to their mailing list as this year’s comic book theme.

“The list starts brand new every single year. I start off with my dad’s name and I go all the way to the end to the 350,” Amy Blair said.

Some card themes through the years include the 2008 recession, Lady Gaga, flying angels, baking Christmas cookies and more.

“It does bring back our Christmas spirit. Just rejuvenates that and then we send it out. People love them or sometimes they don’t love them. We definitely have critics out there,” Amy Blair said.

The family will spend about $160 to mail this year’s card out.


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