DES MOINES, Iowa — A student at East High School was arrested Tuesday morning after the school district said they were found with a gun.

It happened shortly after 11:00 a.m. and the school was placed on a brief internal lockdown during the incident. Phil Roeder with the Des Moines Public School District provided WHO 13 with a letter sent to parents about the incident.

It said school leaders learned late in the morning that there may be an East student who had a weapon. DMPS Public Safety worked with the Des Moines Police Department, who were already at the school, to find the student and take them from the class to a safe location.

According to the message from the administration at East High School a handgun was found during a search of the student and they were arrested. No information about the identity of the student was released.

Officials said the student never displayed the weapon or made any threats during class.

The letter also said:

“This is a very serious matter that will be dealt with by law enforcement and the judicial process. From our experience last March here at East to reports of gun violence around the community and across the nation, we are not going to hesitate in responding swiftly to any reports of a weapon on our campus.”

East High School Administration