Early Voting at Record Pace in Story County


NEVADA, Iowa — The ballot drop box in front of the Story County Administration building is a busy place these days. So also, the auditors office inside the building, it’s set up like a traditional polling place. In Story County early voting is nothing new.

“Traditionally 40% of Story County voters vote by absentee for a big election like this,” said Lucy Martin, Story County Auditor. “The 40% will probably be more like 60% this time around I’m just guessing, we’ve already sent out more absentee ballots than we counted in 2016.”

Martin is also on the ballot running unopposed for County Auditor. When it comes to early voting she wondered about people mailing in ballots.

“Normally I vote in my office over the counter, but because of the concerns about the mail I had my ballot mailed,” said Martin. “My husband got his the next day I didn’t get mine until Saturday and then when I brought it to the Ames Post Office and arrived here the next day.”

Martin said her office mailed out nineteen thousand ballots on October 5th. At least one couple had to come vote in person, due to getting the wrong ballot in the mail.

“Very glad to get this in today actually had a mail-in ballot and we had to come over here because they sent us the wrong ballot from Ames, we got the wrong precinct,” said Janet Lott. ” It felt good to go in there and vote in person, that felt good today.”

“AI enjoy the party atmosphere voting the same day with everybody else,” said John Lott, of Ames. “This is a new era we might as well get through it this way because it’s so much better.”

To vote early a ballot must be requested by October 24th, and returned by November 2nd.


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