Eaglet Dies at Decorah North Nest


Decorah North eagle

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DECORAH, Iowa — The Raptor Resource Project says a newborn eaglet in the Decorah North nest has died.

The RRP announced the news Tuesday, just a day after the eaglet hatched. DN10 hatched Monday at 6:32 p.m.

The RRP is not sure what caused DN10’s death, and they said they do not want to speculate.

“We have been trying to keep the camera focused tight on the egg cup looking for all activity, and like you, hoping to see 2 heads pop up, interact with each other, and reach for their food bites. The deep cup, and the extremely high berm that Mr North and DNF constructed prevented us from seeing much. We were watching and waiting, and about 3:51pm CT today, we knew that DN10 was gone as Mr. North removed the nestling from the cup and set the eaglet off to the side of the nest as seen on our live camera feed,” said the RRP in a post on Facebook.

Mr. North and DNF still have one eaglet to take care of. The RRP said the remaining eaglet, DN9, is healthy, active and vocal.

Despite the unfortunate news from the north nest, we are still on hatch watch for the two eggs left in the Decorah nest.

Three eggs were initially laid in that nest. The first egg was laid Feb. 22, the second egg was laid Feb. 26th, and the third egg was laid March 2nd. Unfortunately, one of the eggs broke in March, leaving two left to hatch.

You can watch the Decorah eagles’ nest camera here.


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