Eagle Grove Ministry on Derecho Cleanup


SPRINGVILLE, Iowa — The GoServ Global Mission agency started in 2011 to assist victims of an earthquake in Haiti. It is known for building grain bin huts as a quick replacement for lost housing.

“We’re working in six countries were focused on helping those after disasters and those really can’t help themselves,” said Dennis Anderson, of Albert City, who is a full-time missionary with the organization. The organization also works domestically to help clean up storm disasters, including the Iowa derecho.

“We pulled into Slater, Huxley, Cambridge, and Kelly the afternoon of the storm,” said Anderson. “We were there for a little over a month, helping elderly, those who can’t help themselves, it was overwhelming for people, just the amount of destruction.”

The group also spent 10 days cleaning up in Marshalltown, before moving on to Keystone, in Benton County, where they have their campers and equipment parked.

“We’ve been working in this area for about a month with farmers,” said Anderson, now on farms east of Cedar Rapids.

“Dave and his family live here, they have a beautiful property on top of a hill with a lot of trees, all laying in the same direction on top of each other,” said Anderson. “Dave is 81, talking to his neighbors, he’s the first person to be out helping others, he’s a guy who likes helping people, he needs a huge hand, now because this property is a mess with all the trees.”

To do this type of project takes manpower and equipment.

“We have 20 some volunteers today, we have volunteers from Kansas, from West Bend, volunteers from the Albert City area, and we have five skid-loaders show up,” said Anderson. “We’re going to do our best to clean around the house, which is a total mess in the back, and then clean some paths out so he can get out to his hay field.

GoServ Global’s faith-based mission is carried out by the volunteers who come to serve.

“We’re loving God by loving people, and helping others, so that’s why we’re here,” said Anderson.

The group has been working six days a week since the storm. This is the last week of derecho clean up and then the ministry will move on to other projects.

“We’ve got some young blood that really likes to work, so we brought some skid loaders down,” said Dave Bruellman with the Apostolic Christian Church in West Bend. “We realize there’s a need out there to help those who can’t take care of this problem.”

“Blessed this year to be done with a harvest early,” said GoServ Board Member, and farmer Tim Wittmaack, of Linn Grove. “Usually try to get out here on these little cleanups, and help Dennis and his crew and work alongside another brother organization Fellowship of Christian Farmer’s.”

“I got sixty acres of firewood, from sixty acres of timber,” said David Stoneking, owner of the land where the cleanup happened. “That’s the best I can do is say thanks to them, like I say I wasn’t expecting it, but I figured if I lived another hundred years I could get this cleaned up myself.”

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