DES MOINES, Iowa — The Des Moines International Airport is floating an idea. The hope is that the airport can keep traffic moving where people stop to drop off passengers for flights, and pick them up. The problem is too many people linger — some even park and run inside for baggage.

“With increased passengers coming to and from the Des Moines International Airport we’re finding that congestion along the front curb is building; it’s becomes a safety problem,” said Kayla Kovarna, of the Des Moines International Airport. “Not only does it impact drivers trying to drop off folks to catch the flight, but people are traversing between the curb and the terminal as well so it does become a safety issue.”

Airport officials are weighing a plan that would have airport employees issue parking tickets for the City of Des Moines. It would be a $15 fine and that money would go to the city.

“We want to make sure that we’re keeping only vehicles that are actively loading or unloading,” said Kovarna.

The Airport has tried easing congestion by moving the Cell Phone Parking lot closer, so people can wait there for a call or text to pick up their party.

For some who use the airport, they are aware of this challenge. Marcy Davis of Carlisle was picking up her mom.

“I went in to get her luggage from the baggage claim, so I just quickly ran in and got the luggage and I came out and I had a parking ticket,” said Davis.

“I think that it’s a little bit of an aggressive tactic to get people to move through, and the real issue is infrastructure,” Kahlil Carter, from Waukee, said. “If they are able to build more space to able to have more lanes of traffic.”

The new terminal will provide some remedy for this traffic tie-up.

“Ultimately when the terminal opens, we will have a much longer front curb,” said Kovarna. “However, the roadway will still be under construction so there will be a little bit of that congestion when we first open the new terminal.”

The new terminal is scheduled to open in 2026.