Dry conditions impacting Iowa’s sweet corn season


WARREN COUNTY, Iowa — The dry conditions in Iowa this summer may have a negative impact on the sweet corn season.

In Warren County, the owner of Penick’s Sweet Corn Stand says growing the vegetable has been a challenge this year due to the drought.

Mike Penick has owned his business for 30 years. He says the dry conditions have caused inconsistent ear growth and a lack of stimulation for chemicals in the ground.

“You need a little rain to activate your chemicals when you apply them in the ground,” said Penick. “They didn’t work, so the weeds grew up, and now you got to feel both the weeds and sweet corn, and that makes it difficult picking because you’re fighting through the weeds to try to find the ears of sweet corn. So everything is a challenge.”

Despite the dry season, Penick says the dry weather is not affecting the taste of sweet corn.

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