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DES MOINES, Iowa — According to the Iowa Department of Education, during the 2021 school year, 90.2%  of students graduated from high school. That’s a 1.6 percent drop from the state’s recent high set in 2020, which is likely a result of the ongoing pandemic.

A local tutor and a past teacher said that helping students during the height of the pandemic was more than just sitting down and explaining concepts. 

A study done by Brown University says that kids have struggled with math and reading these last two years.

Angela Lange the owner of Lange Learning in Boone says that along with the basics. She has had to work on organization and communication skills with her students more than ever. 

She says that the dip in the graduation rate is alarming, but she is not surprised. As a former teacher, she sees a shift in what students are wanting out of their education, especially after missing out on many recent experiences. 

“They want real-world experience. They want to know what is it like to be out in the real world budget. You know, ideas, how do I save money? How do I apply for a car loan, all those things that, you know, even you don’t teach in an everyday class that they will really, really mean?” said Lange. 

While schools are looking to be more consistent as we continue to come out of the pandemic, education professionals hope that the dip in graduation rates is a one-year deal.