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ATLANTIC, Iowa – The record-breaking Iowa weather day that was December 15, 2021 left it’s mark on much of Iowa. One heavily damaged area was Cass County, where Drone13 documented the destruction in the daylight after the storm passed.

Trucks knocked off their wheels by the wind were still being picked back up Thursday morning. Near the I-80 HWY 71 interchange a 17,000 square foot shed on Scott Westphalen’s Century Farm was destroyed with pieces spread across a nearby field. A few miles farther west there were cross country power lines downed with four towers bent at a 90 degree angle near their base.

Then to the south and close to Atlantic the Pellett farm was hit hard with a silo knocked down, buildings leveled and a livestock trailer tossed hundreds of feet into a field.

This video only scratches the surface of the damage in the area. What is shown is typical of the damage on a lot of farms not just in Cass County but across Iowa.