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MARION, Iowa  —  An eastern Iowa woman was shaken up after a water bottle smashed into her car window.

“I immediately honked my horn because I thought, ‘what are these guys doing?’ I was honking my horn and that’s when it shattered on my windshield. Scared me to death and I was immediately covered in glass and water,” said Meegan Dyrland.

Dyrland says two people in a passing car tossed full water bottles out their windows, and that her sunglasses were the only thing that kept the glass from the shattered windshield from getting into her eyes.

She was able to pull over safely.

As word of her close call spread on social media, she heard of at least two other drivers getting hit by water bottles the same day.

“Unfortunately, it may just come down to stupidity,” said Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner. “Maybe they’re trying to be cute thinking it’ll be neat to throw something like this. But the danger level is so increased when you have one vehicle throwing something at another vehicle and the vehicles are moving.”

The sheriff says if a suspect is found, that person could face–at a minimum–criminal mischief, a misdemeanor.