DRIVER DON’T: Driver Leaves Kids Roadside

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Tuesday morning at the Tracey home began like most school days.

"Every morning, when the bus comes, if we're not outside they honk the horn," says Jessica Tracey.  "And I took my son out to the bus and he got on and as far as I knew he was on his way to school."

Jessica Tracey's six-year-old son was on his way to school - the wrong school.

First Student, the company that provides transportation for the Urbandale School District told us in a written statement:  "A substitute driver was operating a morning route when she mistakenly picked up students scheduled for a later bus.

As the bus made its way through the neighborhood, the driver realized the mistake and radioed dispatch.  First Student says the bus driver misunderstood the dispatcher's direction to take the student to their school.

Instead, the driver dropped them off on the side of the road.

"She took them to a house and they got out and they stood on the side-walk and she drove away and they waited for another bust to come pick them up," say Tracey.

It's not clear how long the children waited on the side of the road, but Tracey says any amount of time it too long.

"Even though there was another bus on its way, for them to get out - there were four children left in front of a house and I don't know what house it was, whose house it was, who was there with them, I just know that the bus driver left them."

Tracey didn't learn about the incident until she picked her son up from school later that day.

"The bus company didn`t call me.  I had no idea. I had to hear it from my six-year-old son, which was extremely scary to me."

First Student declined to name the driver or say where the children were dropped off or how long they waited for the second bus.  The driver has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

Urbandale Schools says it understand the parents concerns, but believes appropriate action was taken against the driver.

New or not, Tracey doesn't think the driver should ever be behind the wheel of a bus.

"I mean, it`s just common sense.  You don`t leave the kids by themselves."


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