Driver Crashes Into Leado Avenue Homeowner’s Fence for the Second Time in Three Days

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Just three days after a driver crashed into a homeowner’s fence on Leado Avenue it happened again early Wednesday morning.

“We had some people over last night and they were just getting ready to leave when we heard a real loud bang and we saw a bright light through the window which ended up being the headlights of the vehicle. And so we came outside and sure enough, somebody had gone through our fence again,” homeowner Courtney Glenney said.

Glenney and Zachary Janes said people drive extremely fast around this particular corner on Leado Avenue and if it wasn’t for what was left of their reinforced fence the vehicle could have gone through their house.

“I just don’t want anyone to get hurt. You know the house can be rebuilt the fence can be replaced you know you can’t replace a body so. My main fear is that somebody’s going to eventually get hurt or killed,” Janes said.

Glenney said they found out a similar crash happened to a previous homeowner and a vehicle actually hit the house. Now they’re hoping the city can make some changes in the area to prevent it in the future.

“I believe that the city needs to take care of this problem. They need to put stop signs up there you know not even just for our safety with our fence and house but for the people that live around here that have small children that use the bike trail and walk their dogs and everything they need stop signs rail guards, a barrier something just to protect other people too,” Glenney said.

Janes said luckily no one was injured in either one of the crashes.

Des Moines Police said the driver in the crash on Wednesday morning did not seem impaired and was issued citations related to the incident.


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