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A Des Moines man is in the hospital after being shot while sitting inside his home on the city’s north side.  Des Moines Police say they got the call just before 7 a.m.

Sgt. Jason Halifax said, “Victim was in own residence seated. He was hit in the upper torso.” Sgt. Halifax says a bullet went through the front window at 4114 1st Street. He said, “It did go in his back, out his chest, and it is lodged in the wall of the residence at this point.”

Paramedics took the victim, 41-year-old Russell Quinnett, to the hospital. Police say he should recover. Sgt. Halifax said neighbors heard two gun shots, but no one saw anything. Police are calling it a drive-by shooting, but they don’t have a suspect or vehicle description. Sgt. Halifax said, “We don’t have a long trip history in this area, so at this point, it’s really hard to say whether this is a random thing, or a targeted thing.”

Neighbor Luke Bowers says, “Definitely not a normal morning in this neighborhood.”

He said, for now, he’s not worried. “I think it was an isolated, personal matter hopefully. I still feel for anyone who might be affected by it.”


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