DREAM FIELD: Lottery Winners Give New Stadium

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Like a kid you can’t keep in shoes, Bondurant just keeps growing. 

“We’re growing at about 5% a year,” said district superintendent, Peggy Vint. “And we’ve been growing that way for the past five or six years.“

The district bucked up for a new high school, but had to leave something out.

“We have a brand new high school, beautiful building, but no football field,” said Mary Lohse of Bondurant.

Blue Jay fans made do with the old one, but they didn’t stop wishing…

“I think this is one of those things that you always say if you ever win the lottery, this is what we’d want to do,” said Brian Lohse.

Well, in October, Brian and Mary Lohse DID win the lottery ($202.1 million) and tonight, they gave $3 million to the district for a new stadium. The superintendent about hit the floor.

“Oh, I was so elated!” Vint laughed. “Our kids are going to be so excited.”

Construction could begin this spring.  The Lohse’s hope their three children will eventually be able to play on it, but they insist it will belong to the community.

“Our name won’t be associated with the field.” Brian Lohse said. “That’s something that we didn’t really want…it’s not our field, it’s not really our money…we didn’t earn it.”

That’s some pretty grounded talk from a couple who’ve been living one dream and making a few others come true. 


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