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DES MOINES, Iowa — A group of young entrepreneurs are hatching some big ideas at Drake University this summer. The Lorentzen Student Hatchery is turning the ideas of five student startups into a business.

“For Two does date planning,” explained Garrett Carty.

For $5 a month, For Two plans your date nights based on your location, budget and interests.

The other student companies include a new social network of live-streaming video, a concierge service for political campaigns, an on-demand tailoring service, and a new line of cosmetics.

The program gives students the money and mentoring needed to succeed. The startups are given $5,000 to $10,000. They meet every week to give a progress report and help each other problem solve.

“I want them to get off the ground. I want the chicks out of the nest,” said Tom Swartwood, Assistant Professor of Practice of Entrepreneurship.

Swartwood calls himself the “mother hen” and helps the group network and market their businesses.

After two years of planning, Ethan Turner and Johnathan Osifuye-White are about two weeks from launching Glimpse.

“We’re connecting people through live streaming video. Instead of using a scrolling news feed, we actually use a 3D location globe,” said Turner.

“For most of them, success this summer is sales,” said Swartwood.

This is the second year of the student hatchery. The program is funded by Drake alum John Lorentzen.

Here is a list of the 2015 startups:

Kelsi Ziemann Artistry
Settled In
For Two