Drake University Featured in Question on Popular Trivia App


Drake University (WHO-HD)

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IOWA  —  Future, Chance, Drake…which one of these is also the name of an Iowa school?

If you know the answer–and most Iowans do–you’re with over 580,000 HQ Trivia players who chose correctly when Drake University was featured in a question on the popular app.

HQ Trivia, which has hundreds of thousands of players, is a live trivia game show that offers cash prizes. Players can participate every day, answering a series of questions to win money.

On Sunday night, HQ Trivia posed the following question: “Which of these rappers is also the name of a university in Des Moines, Iowa?”

Future, Drake, and Chance were the three possible options from which participants could choose.

Drake University also joined in on the fun with its own post citing the night the famous rapper by the same name visited the school.


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