Drake Men’s Basketball Dishing Out Help After Derecho


ANKENY, Iowa — The Drake Bulldogs are trading in basketballs for chainsaws.

“They all want to get a chainsaw in their hands. I’m a little leery of letting them do that right now, but they’re excited to be out here and help and that’s for sure,” Drake Men’s Basketball Head Coach Darian DeVries said.

Breaking down limbs and cleaning up what Monday’s storm left behind, the men’s basketball team is doing its part for metro residents. 

“Us doing this as a unit, as a team is, you know, we have that platform. We can give back,” Drake Senior Jonah Jackson said.

On Tuesday, the squad spent hours at the Timberland at Crestbruck apartments in Ankeny helping clear debris.

“I think everybody right now, can find a way to help somebody, however little bit you can is certainly helpful. You know, you throw everything that’s going on right now with pandemic and, and for our guys, not being able to play. This is a way for them to kind of give back at a time when we’re not doing a whole lot,” DeVries said.

With the season still in flux, coach DeVries and his men are choosing to control what they can and make a difference in the community.

“We all have high hopes, you know. We all are wearing our masks, social distancing, we’re taking precaution.If everybody does it then our chances, kind of, they kind of go up,” Jackson said.

“We will try to [come back] as safely as possible and make sure we’re taking all the precautions we can to get back in the gym,” DeVries said.

But for now, this different kind of workout will have to do.

“Oh man, it might be a little tougher than practice,” Jackson jokes. “No, practice is tough, but it’s not easy, you know, breaking those trees down. We have a couple guys who make it kind of look really easy, but no it’s tougher than what it looks.”

“If this is harder than practice we’re in trouble,” DeVries responded. “But no, they’re doing great. They’re out here having fun and we aren’t going to do a lot this, this summer so this is good for us to be able to get out, get together and do something for someone else.”


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