Last August, scientists warned the world that humans are causing our planet to warm at a much faster rate than it should be, that’s why more than 100 people gathered at the Iowa Capitol this afternoon. They want legislators to come up with a climate action plan that takes the most recent climate change report (IPCC) into account. 

The strike was led by 14-year-old climate activist, Lillian Hill. “Being so young and having your future ahead of you, you want to make sure that your future is prosperous and has a viable chance of achieving all the things that you want to achieve. And part of that comes with climate action. It’s hard to look several years into the future and not think about the devastating impacts of the climate crisis,” said Hill. 

But she was one of many young Iowans who came out to show their support.. Six-year-old Clara Ose wants the government to think about nature more, “Instead of helping the people that run fossil fuels, they should help nature,” said Ose. 

Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Deidre DeJear was a guest speaker at today’s climate strike. She encourage those young and old, to keep fighting for climate action. “You know what the truth of the matter is, you know that we can do our part to ensure that environmental sustainability is led in the heartland of this country, in Iowa. We can do that. We feed the world, and we fuel this country. So why not lead in this space? Iowans can do that,” said DeJear.