DES MOINES, Iowa — The announcement that Wells Fargo was pulling most of it’s employees out of downtown to move to West Des Moines has put a focus on the future of downtown.

One company has decided it will not be leaving, in fact over the next three years Open Loop Health is planning to hire around 400 new employees, and will expand from one floor to occupy three floors in the Bank of America Building on 6th Avenue.

“The easiest way to describe what we do is we are like a tele-health company,” said CEO, Dr. Jon Lensing. “Structurally, legally, and operationally we use everything that we have built to help our other digital health companies in this operation.”

The State of Iowa Economic Development Authority authorized $500,000 in incentives to help Open Loop remodel it’s space and stay in downtown Des Moines.

“We really like being downtown, a lot of our workforce is younger, they enjoy the restaurant scene down here, they enjoy the live events after work,” said Lensing.

Lensing, of Otley, Iowa graduated with his medical degree from the University of Iowa. He considered going into private practice, but found he could help more people through his startup.

“Every health care worker goes in to impact patient lives,” said Lensing. “On a normal good day in a clinic, I could have seen 30-40 patients, now we’re seeing 60,000 patients a month, so we’re excited about that.

Justin Lossner of JLL Commercial Real Estate has been tracking downtown office space for almost 20 years.

“There are several deals that we’re tracking that will be executed in the downtown market and those users are really focused on highly magnetized properties,” said Lossner. “Do we have a fitness center? Is there a conference room? You know do my people have access to immediate retail, and a big piece of that is parking right?”

Lossner’s firm has surveyed employers and found there is a strong desire to maintain people in an office environment, there may however be less employees over all.

“There’s been a lot of energy and reimagining downtown from retail, to entertainment and hospitality perspective,” said Lossner. “The good news is, is Des Moines I think is in a better position to rebound today than it was probably 20 years ago.”