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Downtown Restaurants Take Extra Measures With Positive COVID Case


DES MOINES, Iowa – El Bait Shop and High Life Lounge closes its doors as one employee tests positive for COVID-19.

On June 20th the restaurants made an announcement it would close its doors until further notice.

Full Court Press Owner Jeff Bruning said, “It takes a little bit to have testing. Some people get tested it takes 24 to 48 hours. Some people get tested at the doctor’s office and it can take a week and we don’t know what the reports are so it’s hard to run a business if you don’t know if you can have everyone come to work too.”

Bruning said all its employees are being tested for COVID-19. The restaurants have been cleaned three times since closing its doors.

“We’re doing the best we can. This is a tough thing, but we just kind of take it as it goes and better safe than sorry,” Bruning said.

Bruning said all its employees have their temperature checked before entering the building.

Exile Brewing Company General Manager Tony Welch said it checks everyone’s temperature before entering, including its customers.

“We had to turn a few people away unfortunately because of their elevated temperature, which is never fun but unfortunately that’s what we are doing. We are trying to keep people safe and we are trying to keep people coming back,” Welch said.

Exile will turn someone away if they have at least a 100.4 degree fever.

“Our thought process on that was if we are going to be going through these precautions we want to have everybody feeling confident that we are doing the same thing and that everybody around them that they are sitting out on the patio and the beer hall are going to be having the same sort of precautions to make sure they are being safe,” Welch said.

So far no employees have tested positive for COVID-19 at Exile.

El Bait Shop and High Life Lounge hope to reopen its doors on Monday.


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