Downtown Davenport Flooded After Mississippi River Breaks Through Levee

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — A temporary levee along the Mississippi River broke in Davenport Tuesday, allowing the downtown area to flood.

People were trapped in their homes and cars and emergency crews had to use boats to rescue them.

“Well I didn`t know how I was going to get out until the firefighters came to our apartment and actually put me on a boat to get me out of there, so I am very thankful for them,” said resident Alex Moore.

Moore says his apartment building was surrounded by about four feet of water.

“You know I don`t know what I’m going to do. I’m fresh out of college…so I don`t have much food in my fridge. I wouldn’t say helpless…I was a little concerned where I was going to get my next meal from,” Moore said.

He was also concerned for the downtown businesses affected by the flooding, “I feel terrible. I mean, there’s a lot of businesses around here that unfortunately went out. I saw Front Street Brewery was closing their doors indefinitely. Been there a lot of times. Feel bad about that. There’s the River Front Brewery as well and it’s just sad. Unfortunate for those businesses, they didn’t deserve that.”

The water came rushing in at East River Drive where the temporary levee gave out to the extreme pressure of the river, which has been at an elevated level for weeks.

The temporary levee, made up of Hesco barriers, had kept Davenport dry all spring until the failure Tuesday.

The barriers are essentially a metal cage that is lined with plastic and then filled with sand or gravel. They were placed on top of two of the existing levees, adding several feet of flood protection. Each Hesco barrier is the equivalent to about 1,500 sandbags.

Officials say no injuries have been reported from the flooding.


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