DOT Developing Plan for Flyover Exit Over 80/35 in Urbandale Toward Grimes

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URBANDALE, Iowa — During rush hour, a loop off of 80/35 to North West Urbandale Drive can get backed up.

“I have seen it occasionally where I’m still on the interstate at a dead stop waiting to get off the interstate onto that loop,” said Adam Harms.

The DOT knows that’s not ideal and has proposed a $44 million flyover exit that would go up and over 80/35 towards Grimes.

They say the need to do this now because congestion can only get worse.

“The project is a result of the growth we’ve had in the metro area obviously, when we designed and build this project we’re looking out to a 20-year forecast so we’re looking at 2040, 2050 traffic volumes and the projections in the area,” said Scott Dockstader, District One Engineer, Iowa DOT.

Those projections show around 600,000 people in the metro area but construction can’t happen overnight. There are a few other projects that need to finish up before this one can start.

First, in 2017, 14 from 37th Street towards the flyover will get an additional lane of traffic in each direction.

Next, the interchange at the 100th Street bridge will finish sometime in 2018. It will give people an alternate route while construction starts on the flyover in 2019-2020.

Commuters say they’re happy with the changes and Harms says he’s looking forward to the additional lanes on 141 the most.

The DOT will hold a hearing on the environmental impact of this project Oct. 24 at the Stoney Creek Hotel in Johnston.


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