DES MOINES, IOWA — A group of kids at Meredith Middle School in Des Moines are doing something ‘sweet’ to help the hurricane ravaged island of Puerto Rico.

On Wednesday, two groups hosted the ‘Donut Forget About Puerto Rico’ fundraiser during lunch hours. Students sold donuts, cookies and lemonade for $1 each – with all proceeds promised for charities supporting recovery from Hurricane Ian in Puerto Rico.

The fundraiser was organized by the student group Dream to Teach and Spanish teacher Andrea Stogner. Dulce Torres, a 7th grader and member of Dream to Teach, said the fundraiser was going better than expected and she was amazed by the empathy of her fellow students.

“I’m just surprised that all of these kids were willing to help out with something that happened where they don’t live,” Torres said, “They care about where other people live, too.”