Donated Water to Glenwood After Water Treatment Plant Flooded

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GLENWOOD, Iowa- The Missouri River floodwaters rose to take out the water treatment plant for the community of Glenwood.

“The water treatment plant is surrounded by water, it became impossible to keep pumping the water out,” said Sheri Bowen, Public Information Officer for Mills County. “It was sand bagged, but it became impossible to keep the water out, after power was cut to the pumps.”

Water in Glenwood’s water system can be used, as long as it is not in food or for drinking.

There’s a boil order in place right now, what that means is that we don’t want you to drink the water or make ice with the water, or anything where you are consuming water directly,” said Bowen.

The town has been receiving donations of bottled water. Dozens of cases of water are stored in the lobby at City Hall. Residents can stop to pick up jugs of water, and bottled water.

They sent out a message that they had some jugs and bottled water for us, You get so many based on the number in your household,” said Mandi Tietsort, or Glenwood. “This community is good, and everybody works together, and helps each other out.”

A convoy of 15 truckloads of water came into Glenwood Tuesday hauling some 90,000 gallons of water. On a normal day this time of year the town would consume around 400,000 gallons. Due to the water restrictions, the town has plenty of water in the existing water towers.

The people in Mills County and Glenwood are thankful for all the help they have received the past few days.

“I would encourage people to strongly consider donating to the Mills County Flood Fund,” said Bowen. “That is a really clear path of dollars coming down and being given directly to help flood affected families here in Mills County.”

The Mills County Community Fund is being handled through the Omaha Foundation.

Click Mills County Community Foundation from the drop-down menu to give online.

People wishing to donate pallets or truck loads of water should call 712-527-0137, so they can tell where to unload.

For information on Mills County Water restrictions, check the Mills County Facebook page.

For information on evacuations or volunteer opportunities, check the Mills County Emergency Management Facebook page.



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