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AMES, Iowa – A visit by Donald Trump to Iowa State University on Saturday ended with accusations of racism and bigotry.

Trump was one of the four Republican presidential candidates to campaign at the Republican Party of Iowa’s tailgate near Jack Trice Stadium prior to the Cy-Hawk rivalry game.

While he was addressing supporters, a group of ISU students with the group, Students Against Bigotry, performed a quiet protest and held signs disparaging Trump’s comments on women and immigrants.

Their silent protest was met with loud and confrontational opposition from the people who were listening to Trump speak.

A cell phone video (shown in the video above) recorded by a member of Students Against Bigotry was posted on Facebook and a number of national reports online have now utilized it. The man shouting the racial epithets has not been identified at this time.

Another person who confronted the ISU student group, 20-year-old Shelby Mueller of West Des Moines, approached senior Jovani Rubio and ripped his sign in half.

Mueller is not an ISU student and has shut down all of her social media accounts since.

However, Mueller did release a statement to the Iowa State Daily Newspaper. It reads in part:

“To those who were offended by my actions on Saturday, I want to offer my deepest condolences. It was a mistake on my part for tearing that man`s sign. I wasn`t thinking. I don`t have anything against him at all. I respect his belief and that we may have different beliefs on some things.”

“I love all people. I am a Christian, and I understand what I did was wrong. It is my job to love people, and not to judge them … Trump`s values and beliefs do not represent my values and beliefs, and I will not stand for anyone who makes people feel inferior.”

In addition, ISU President Steven Leath’s office released a statement regarding the incident. It reads in part:

On Saturday, outside Jack Trice Stadium before the Iowa-Iowa State football game, a group including students from Iowa State University held a peaceful rally protesting the visit of Republican presidential candidates to Ames. A video that was posted to social media and has since gone viral shows a woman ripping apart one of the protester’s signs while making derogatory remarks. We have been told there were others who also made derogatory comments to the protestors. These actions are deplorable and not consistent with the type of atmosphere the university seeks to maintain, one of respect even when opinions differ and emotions run high.